Tuesday, December 9, 2014


What do the holidays mean to you?  Family, friends, love, peace, joy, abundance, giving?  Stress, anxiety, debt, sadness, anger, frustration?  At different points in my life, I have felt all of the feelings and emotions that I have just listed.  Maybe some of you have too.  How do we keep ourselves in the feelings of love, joy, happiness, abundance, giving and seeing miracles?  What are your suggestions?  What do you do to keep yourself in the state of peace and bliss?  

We can reach these states, by starting with the most elemental thing we can.  Our breath.  Yep, I am bringing that up again.  It does several things for us.  First of all, it brings us present in the moment.  Present in our bodies, and gives our cells the oxygen that they need.  Acknowledge and allow yourself to feel all of the feelings you are feeling.  No judgement. 

 It really is ok to feel what you are feeling. We are here to experience and feel all of it.  When we allow the feelings to flow, then we can let them go.  It's when we put them off or stuff them that they continue.  After we allow them to flow, then we can sit with the feeling of "emptiness."  It initially feels like emptiness, but it's actually freedom.  Freedom from the lower vibrational emotions.  We aren't used to that feeling of "emptiness," so we create situations to bring the feelings and emotions back that we released and allowed to flow.  Impossible right?  It's true!  We ARE that powerful to create this!!!!  
So give yourself grace, breathe, smile and talk sweet nothings to yourself.  you are completely amazing! 

In Love and Light, Always.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Self - Full

Being Self - Full. What does that mean to you? In the spring I had a friend that started off a conversation like this, " I know this is selfish but..." I stopped her right there. I said, "You mean Self - Full." WOAH! That really resonated with both of us. How powerful is that?!?!?!?! The word selfish has such a negative connotation. Self - Full however is good stuff. What being Self - Full to me is to be in a state of self love; taking care of yourself, first. We have to or we won't be here to be able to help anyone else. I am not sure where it started that we were conditioned to put everyone else's needs first, but we sure did learn that didn't we?
It's necessary to put our needs first. When I say this, it's not to the detriment of someone else, however, it's a must if we are to be there for them in their time of need. So here's to being Self - Full and loving ourselves!

Nicole Smith

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ready for Change

All of my life I have embraced change.  Even as a kid I would say, "The only constant is change."  It's also probably why I always changed my bedroom around.  All. Of. The. Time.  HA!  Did I  sometimes want the change to end when I was young?  YES!   At least the experiences I chose at the time that were painful ones.  I am sure we all reach a point where we need a breather from change.  So what are the things we need to remember when things are changing in our world?
Here of some of the things that have helped me move through the changes:
1. Breathe
The minute we start to get stressed out, we start to breathe really shallow.  Take a minute even right now to take a deep breath.  Breath a deep belly breath.  Fill up your stomach first before filling up your lungs and then exhale deeply.

2. Focus on the moment
This moment is all that we really have for sure.  The past is already behind us and the future hasn't happened yet.  Focusing on our breath and being present with our kids, our pets, our spouse or partner, our task at hand.

3. You are strong enough
We are all living lives that we can handle.  We can handle all of it.  We wouldn't ever have taken anything on we couldn't handle.  Yes. We really are that magnificent.

4. Trust
Trust yourself that you have the answers you need to ride through this change.

5.  Allow
Allow yourself to feel all of it.  All of the feelings.  Sometimes we think, "Oh, I am a good person so I can't be angry or mad, etc."  Phooey!  That thinking is the magic potion for stuffing our feelings and creating more challenges for ourselves.   Embrace all of the feelings.  Allow yourself to be open and vulnerable.

Remember, the more uncomfortable the change, the more it will propel us forward.  Be the change.  Be with all of it.    It's preparing us for us to be the beautiful magnificent powerful beings, who we really are.

Are you ready for change?

Nicole Smith

Monday, September 22, 2014


Sometimes we are filled with more questions than answers. It seems for me that there are always more questions than answers.  Especially lately.  Holy smokes!  It seems that when I get answers to the questions I ask, there are even more questions.  Here comes the, "Can I be patient?  Do I have the trust in my inner knowing? Do I trust the universe?"  Ya see, more questions!  HA! HA!  It's alright to have those questions.  It's alright to not know the answers.  When you are ready for the answers you will have them.   (That is what I keep reminding myself about anyway)

So what do we do in the meantime while we ask those questions and we are "waiting" for the answers.  We keep living.  We keep listening to our intuition, our inner knowing.  We keep working on ourselves and continuing to grow.  Take a deep breath.  It really IS ok to not have all of the answers. Give yourself grace, and be grateful for every day of gaining more knowledge.  It may not be the answers to your questions, but we are growing and learning in many other ways.  Self-Love is key in this state.  Loving yourself no matter whether you get your answers or not.   Just love it all!  HA!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

It's Time

It's time.  It's time.  I keep hearing it's time.  Time for what?  It's time for us to unpack our bags. To release the conditions and beliefs that we have held for so long. The beliefs and conditions that we have held because others said it is the way it has to be because that is how they were taught.  How many of us still hold on to the belief that we need to look externally for our answers? That we couldn't possibly know what is best for us?

 "Ok," you say, "I am ready to release what no longer serves me.  I am ready to release the conditions and the beliefs of others.  But how in the heck would I go about doing that?"  It can be as simple as connecting with yourself when a belief or condition gets challenged or comes up in our day and ask, "Is this something I believe to be true for me?  Does this bring me joy in feeling this way?" If the answer is no, then lovingly release it.  It doesn't need to be there anymore.  We are here to experience love, joy, and happiness.  Why would we even want to choose anything else?

Sometimes we get caught up in, "Well, what will others think if I no longer believe that way?"  Ya know, what others think of us is really none of our business.  Even if they make it our business, it's their perceptions and opinions because of their conditions and beliefs that they were taught.  It really has NOTHING to do with YOU what they think about you.  Your thoughts about you are the only ones that matter.  The present is the best time to start with unpacking those bags and changing our thoughts into loving positive ones.  The airlines charge us to take extra bags when we fly.  Our bodies take a toll when we carry those extra emotional bags, beliefs, conditions, etc. It's time to let go. It's time to release which no longer serves us.  It's time. The time is now.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

  Wow!  It has been a LONG time since I have written anything on my blog.  What better time than the present to start writing again.  So much has happened in the past year and a half.  Let's start from right now though.  The present is all that we have...

 Oh how our lives ebb and flow.  As I am quickening, I notice this pattern more easily.  Is it that I am just more aware?  Or is it that they are more dramatic?  Or is it that the tide is not as severe and being in tune with it is just causing the awareness.  Feels like a combination of all of it.  The fun part is staying in allowance and not get frustrated.  HA!!!  Yes....I say it too.  There are days when I allow the frustration to take over, and there are days that being positive is prevalent.  The wonderful news (to and for me that is! ;-) ) that the frustration is less and less these days.

  I started looking for a wonderful quote to throw in here, until I realized that I have one already in my head.  It's from a Budda Master.  "In order to have patience, one must have self confidence."  Huh.  Thank you!!!  I know now that it's best to focus on the solar plexus chakra.  Let's do just that.

  Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath, filling up your stomach first, before you fill your lungs.  Exhale deeply.  Feel the earth beneath you.  Focus where your rib cage comes together.  See the beautiful yellow sphere of light.  Know that you are confident, powerful and are worth it!  Keep breathing and focusing on the beautiful yellow chakra.  When you feel connected with it, you may open your eyes.

Know that you are fully loved and supported by the divine at all times.  Have patience and trust the process, because there is nothing to fear.  We are ALL loved.

  In Love and Light,