Saturday, September 13, 2014

It's Time

It's time.  It's time.  I keep hearing it's time.  Time for what?  It's time for us to unpack our bags. To release the conditions and beliefs that we have held for so long. The beliefs and conditions that we have held because others said it is the way it has to be because that is how they were taught.  How many of us still hold on to the belief that we need to look externally for our answers? That we couldn't possibly know what is best for us?

 "Ok," you say, "I am ready to release what no longer serves me.  I am ready to release the conditions and the beliefs of others.  But how in the heck would I go about doing that?"  It can be as simple as connecting with yourself when a belief or condition gets challenged or comes up in our day and ask, "Is this something I believe to be true for me?  Does this bring me joy in feeling this way?" If the answer is no, then lovingly release it.  It doesn't need to be there anymore.  We are here to experience love, joy, and happiness.  Why would we even want to choose anything else?

Sometimes we get caught up in, "Well, what will others think if I no longer believe that way?"  Ya know, what others think of us is really none of our business.  Even if they make it our business, it's their perceptions and opinions because of their conditions and beliefs that they were taught.  It really has NOTHING to do with YOU what they think about you.  Your thoughts about you are the only ones that matter.  The present is the best time to start with unpacking those bags and changing our thoughts into loving positive ones.  The airlines charge us to take extra bags when we fly.  Our bodies take a toll when we carry those extra emotional bags, beliefs, conditions, etc. It's time to let go. It's time to release which no longer serves us.  It's time. The time is now.


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