Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ready for Change

All of my life I have embraced change.  Even as a kid I would say, "The only constant is change."  It's also probably why I always changed my bedroom around.  All. Of. The. Time.  HA!  Did I  sometimes want the change to end when I was young?  YES!   At least the experiences I chose at the time that were painful ones.  I am sure we all reach a point where we need a breather from change.  So what are the things we need to remember when things are changing in our world?
Here of some of the things that have helped me move through the changes:
1. Breathe
The minute we start to get stressed out, we start to breathe really shallow.  Take a minute even right now to take a deep breath.  Breath a deep belly breath.  Fill up your stomach first before filling up your lungs and then exhale deeply.

2. Focus on the moment
This moment is all that we really have for sure.  The past is already behind us and the future hasn't happened yet.  Focusing on our breath and being present with our kids, our pets, our spouse or partner, our task at hand.

3. You are strong enough
We are all living lives that we can handle.  We can handle all of it.  We wouldn't ever have taken anything on we couldn't handle.  Yes. We really are that magnificent.

4. Trust
Trust yourself that you have the answers you need to ride through this change.

5.  Allow
Allow yourself to feel all of it.  All of the feelings.  Sometimes we think, "Oh, I am a good person so I can't be angry or mad, etc."  Phooey!  That thinking is the magic potion for stuffing our feelings and creating more challenges for ourselves.   Embrace all of the feelings.  Allow yourself to be open and vulnerable.

Remember, the more uncomfortable the change, the more it will propel us forward.  Be the change.  Be with all of it.    It's preparing us for us to be the beautiful magnificent powerful beings, who we really are.

Are you ready for change?

Nicole Smith

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