Tuesday, December 9, 2014


What do the holidays mean to you?  Family, friends, love, peace, joy, abundance, giving?  Stress, anxiety, debt, sadness, anger, frustration?  At different points in my life, I have felt all of the feelings and emotions that I have just listed.  Maybe some of you have too.  How do we keep ourselves in the feelings of love, joy, happiness, abundance, giving and seeing miracles?  What are your suggestions?  What do you do to keep yourself in the state of peace and bliss?  

We can reach these states, by starting with the most elemental thing we can.  Our breath.  Yep, I am bringing that up again.  It does several things for us.  First of all, it brings us present in the moment.  Present in our bodies, and gives our cells the oxygen that they need.  Acknowledge and allow yourself to feel all of the feelings you are feeling.  No judgement. 

 It really is ok to feel what you are feeling. We are here to experience and feel all of it.  When we allow the feelings to flow, then we can let them go.  It's when we put them off or stuff them that they continue.  After we allow them to flow, then we can sit with the feeling of "emptiness."  It initially feels like emptiness, but it's actually freedom.  Freedom from the lower vibrational emotions.  We aren't used to that feeling of "emptiness," so we create situations to bring the feelings and emotions back that we released and allowed to flow.  Impossible right?  It's true!  We ARE that powerful to create this!!!!  
So give yourself grace, breathe, smile and talk sweet nothings to yourself.  you are completely amazing! 

In Love and Light, Always.

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