Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What Eats You

What eats you?  Lions? Tigers? Bears? Oh my! :) Of course they can be an external factor that can eat you.  What can eat you internally?  Cooties?  Ha!  Maybe.  What I am talking about is our thoughts. Our thoughts take up most of the day.  What is it that we are thinking about?  Is it about getting your son to soccer practice?  Picking up the dry cleaning?  What to make for dinner?  Something I said to my boss last week that maybe I shouldn't have?  Possibly.  What happens when we are thinking those thoughts?  It takes us from the present moment.  We are actually missing what is going on right in front of us.  The present moment is all we really have.  Thoughts are definitely going to come in, especially if we don't stay present.  So what can we do to to stay present and manage the thoughts?  By loving ourselves.  By connecting inward.  By focusing on the most elemental thing called the breath.  When the thoughts come in, and its ok that they do, check and see if they are positive loving thoughts.  When we are saying loving thoughts we can only be in the present.  If we say, "I loved you when you used to be 130 lbs.," that is the past and is that really loving? "I will love it when I am 130lbs."  That is the future.  Loving ourselves exactly how we are in the present moment is how we can manage those thoughts.  When we stay present in loving ourselves then the thoughts will get quieter.  There is peace, serenity and love with our thoughts.

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