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Inner Child, Energy and Self-Love(Old Post)

Inner Child, Energy and Self-Love

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Inner Child....are you wondering, what the heck are you talking about Nicole? Is that a joke? Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, blah, blah, my inner child. I am seriously talking about the inner child. The little girl or boy that resides within you. Yep, that one. We are all still kids at heart. Kids at heart. Our soul is in our heart. Ahh....our heart. The gateway to the Divine, to our soul. Our inner child is our innocence. Think about a child. They are in the moment, playing, in the joy state, loving without conditions and grudges are foreign to them. When did it become foreign to us to do those very same things? Did someone tell you at some point in your life to grow up? Stop being so childish? Don't be a baby!? So we start ignoring that inner child. We create a separateness within us. And suddenly we stop all of the playing, being in the moment, loving without conditions, etc. We start having an inner and outer conflict. In essence, we start rebelling againt ourselves.

How can we reconnect with that innocence? That little girl or boy? Yep, you guessed it. By going inward. AND, even just as important if not more important, by playing. What games did you love to play when you were a kid? What foods did you like to eat? What kind of books did you like to read? DO. ALL. OF. IT. Don't be concerned with what others think. That's none of your business. If you are worried about the food and maybe it isn't healthy, there are always healthier versions of the foods we love. Put the love into the food. Recognize it as energy and consciousness and love it! Your body will thank you. Your little girl or boy will thank you and 7.2 billion people will thank you. When you can keep yourself in that joyous playful state, you are in the high love vibration, which has the ripple effectto the entire consciousness. And that my friends, is Self-Love at it's finest.:)

I love you all!


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