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Keep Shining!(Old Post)

Keep Shining!

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There is a question that comes up frequently regarding our light and keeping it bright. Especially when we have loved ones that may not be where we are with our growth. The question is I often hear is how do I keep my light shining, keep my frequency up when my partner is going through their “stuff.” The answer is by being you. Be who you are. Live your truth. Practice what you preach. We all have the right words that we can say, however, are we living those words or are they just being regurgitated? Allowyour loved ones to be with where they are and you hold where you are. They can rise up if they choose, but you don’t need to lower your vibration. It’s the opposite direction of where you want to be.

It doesn’t feel good if we are always trying to reach down or most likely step down to try to get them to come up to where we are in our growth. That in fact disempowers them. We are trying to take those steps for them. How would they ever be able to learn to step with their own two feet if we are constantly trying to do it for them? It may not be your way or how you would even approach the stairs, however, we still need to honor the fact that they want to travel this way. Be the light in the darkness, the sunshine in the rain and allow them their freedom!

Love Nicole

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