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Manifest Your Destiny(Old Post)

Manifest Your Destiny

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Manifest your Destiny.  Wow.  That has a whole new meaning from when I learned a similar term in high school. As I was sitting here allowing the words to download through me, that popped in.  Manifest your Destiny.  That is exactly what we do in all areas of our life.  We manifest our destiny.  Some may ask," Nicole! How can you possibly say that?!?!?!?!  Am I destined to be poor, in a horrible relationship, dead-end job, etc.?"  If that is what you truly desire, then so it shall be.  We manifest what will bring us the most clarity, growth and propel us to grow and expand ourselves.  We will all eventually be at our destiny, which brings me to the definition of destiny.  From Merriman-Webster: Destiny - what happens in the future : the things that someone or something will experience in the future  : a power that is believed to control what happens in the future.  We can manifest what it is that we truly want in our lives.  Want to manifest something?  Love yourself more.   Want to have more abundance? Love yourself more.  The more we stay in the love state and surender the need to have control of every detail, the more we will attract what we really want.  It's ok if we don't feel loving all of the time, do loving things for and to yourself anyway.   You will notice a difference.  :)

After I started writing this, I found that Wayne Dyer has a book called Manifest Your Destiny.  How cool is that?!?!?!?!?!

In Love and Light,

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